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This is a page for listing other items, such as Microphones, sound modifying Pedals, accessories that will run off battery-power, or other devices that Buskers have had success with.


Two of us use the the Electro Voice EV N/D767A - - as used by Connor Knapp in THIS VIDEO

This low-cost Behringer XM8500 comes very highly recommended -

A couple of others considered as industry-standard mic.

The Shure SM58 - PRICES - apparently an industry standard mic.

The Shure Beta 58 - PRICES

The Shure Super 55 Deluxe - PRICES

If you have more info that could help, please contact me via the email address at the bottom of this page.

Effects Pedals / Mixers

Small self-powered mixer unit (9v battery), which allows up to four inputs into one input, such as into a Micro-Cube (whatever). Sold by Maplins, it's the ProSound 4 Channel Mono Mixer - despite some negative reviews, mine is perfect.

Some Buskers who use an appropriate amp can use a simple switch-pedal that will allow looping of sounds, such as with the Roland AC-33

Boss VE 20 voice-effects pedal - - as used in this video HERE - other examples HERE

9 Volt Power Source for Effect Pedals - - One of our Bristol Buskers says it's a Godsend !!

I also saw this TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX - It can be powered by a 12V external power-supply, or with a mains-supply. I saw it being used at an Open Mic and very impressive it was, especially in creating a voice chorus. Play the video half-way-down that page to be impressed.

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I will add more info as-and-when it comes along.

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